Православные шрифты – Orthodox Fonts

Catalog of Slavonic Font Families

1. Ustav Fonts - representing the handwritten system of Paleoslavonic, Old [Church] Slavonic, AND including the Glagolitic script.

a) Glagolitic fonts
b) Cyrillic fonts
c) Dual fonts
d) Packaged fonts

2. Slavonic Incunabula - representing the primitive typographic tradition of the first editions of Venice, Krakow (Dr. Francisk Skorinja), and other locations in the Balkan lands (Skopie, etc.).

3. Poluustav Fonts - this can be divided into three sub-families:

a) Oldstyle Poluustav
b) Newstyle Poluustav
c) Kievan Poluustav

4. Synodal Era Slavonic Fonts - Following the lead of the Moscow Synodal Typografiia, all of the other Slavic lands (with the exception for Kievan and Old Believer editions) adopted a style of modernized typography which was heavily influenced by elements of western European typography.

5. Modern Slavonic Fonts - This includes font designs of the past 30 years which have cast aside all pretense of using historical typefaces as models.

6. Civil Script Fonts - This includes any modern Unicode and legacy-encoded fonts (both serif and san serif typefaces) containing Slavonic characters redesigned to match Latin letter forms, which are primarily used for academic purposes.

7. Decorative Slavonic Fonts - This includes the whole range of historical letter forms used for ornamentation. This family can be subdivided as:

a) Bukvitsa Fonts ("drop caps")
b) Zastavka and Viaz' Fonts (titling fonts)
c) Artistic Text and Titling Fonts (non-standard, innovative styles)
d) Balkan Decorative Fonts
e) Romanian Latinitsa Fonts
f) Symbol Fonts

8. Handwriting Slavonic Fonts

a) Skoropis' Fonts
b) Modern Cursive Fonts
c) Calligraphic Fonts

9. Chant Notation Fonts - This includes neumatic notations (Byzantine and Znamenny notation) and Kievan Square-note notation. (This area will be developed in the future.)

10. Other Languages

Font Designers and Distributors

Non-Commercial (Free) Distributors of Slavonic Fonts

Commercial Distributors of Slavonic Fonts


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