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Сообщество Славянской Типографики
For all who are interested in Church Slavonic booklore, caligraphy, printing and typography, the Community of Slavonic Typographers (in Russian) is the prime source to refer to. Their collection of links is quite thorough (although slightly out-of-date) and I recommend visiting this site. In order to not duplicate their efforts, I have attempted to list only additional sites which are not included in their collection of links:

Texts (Church Slavonic, Old Russian, Modern Russian)


СКРИПТОРИЙ. Библиотека древнерусской литературы - Scriptorium: Library of Early Russian Literature

Антология древнерусской литературы - Anthology of Early Russian Literature

Некоммерческое партнерство "Рукописные памятники Древней Руси


Исторические источники на русском языке в Интернете - Historical Sources in the Russian Language on the Internet - an extensive collection of texts

Древнерусская литература: каталог - Catalogue of Early Russian Literature

Текстология.RU - Славяно-русская палеография - by A. Sobolevskii.

Память России – Славянские издания кирилловского шрифта XV - первой четверти XVI века.
The first-printed slavic books of the XV-XVI centuries.
NOTE: The server is not always on line, and one may have to wait a few days to gain access to the site.

Библиотека Фронтистеса Back with a new look, after a long time off line!

Библиотека святоотеческой литературы

ІЗБОРНИК. Історія Украіни IX-XVIII ст. Першоджерела та інтерпретаціі


Львівський Апостол 1574 р. - The first book printed in Ukraine; the Typographer was Ivan Fedorov. The entire book is available as JPG images.

Київські листки - The Kievan Pages, a Glagolitic manuscript from the 10th century, available as JPGs

Патерик Печерський. Київ, друкарня Лаври, 1661. The Kiev Caves Paterikon, printed at the Lavra in 1661.

Духовная грамота царя Ивана Васильевича - The Spiritual Grammar of Tsar Ivan Vasilievich (IV, the Terrible)

Славянская служебная минея на май

Путятина МинеяПутятина Минея


Толковый словарь В. Даля ON-LINE - Dictionary with Commentaries, from the 2nd edition of 1880-82

ГРАМОТА.РУ | Словари русского языка: орфографический, толковый, синонимов, трудностей - Dictionaries of Russian grammar, orthography, commmentaries, synonyms. etc.

Рубрикон. Энциклопедии, словари, справочники

Библиографический словарь -- (Another location)


Полный церковнославянский словарь (с внесением в него важнейших древнерусских слов и выражений) - составил священник магистр Григорий Дьяченко - This is a scanned version (incomplete) of the Diachenko dictionary.

Словарь православных терминов

Православный словарь - ХрамПокрова.ру

Краткий церковно-славянский словарь
Дорога к Храму - автор: Скляревская Галина Николаевна

Словари тематические: (scroll down to the very bottom of the page for these links)
Краткий словарь православных терминов
Краткий церковнославянский словарь (без ударений)
Краткий церковнославянский словарь (с ударениями)

История: Словарь-указатель имен и понятий по древнерусскому искусству

The Church Slavonic and Paleoslavonic Languages

KODEKS, the online information server for teaching and learning medieval Slavic languages - Interesting web site, but not very well developed, and has not been updated in years. Their collection of links deals mostly with Paleoslavonic versions of the Scriptures.

Glagolitsa [Глаголица, или юсово письмо] - a place to learn the Glagolitic alphabet
Kirilitsa [Сравнительная таблица кириллицы и глаголицы] - a place to learn the curillic alphabet

Почему нам необходим церковнославянский язык - Why we need the Church Slavonic language

Церковнославянский язык - not much there yet, but it has a few resources

Центр развития русского языка – История русского языка

Азбуковник (another page)- This site teaches one how to read Glagolitsa. Very interesing site!

Caligraphy and Manuscripts

*** Slavic Manuscripts of the Moscow State University Library on microfiche - by Norman Ross Publishing Inc. This company was sold and now I have to locate the new distributors of this collection.

Collection of Rare Books and Manuscripts (Book Museum) of the State Public Scientific-and Technical Library of the SB of the RAS

*** Chilandar Research Library - at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
They are in the process of moving to another location on the internet, but I don't believe they have a new web site yet.

Русское письмо - Sergei Kuznetsov's web site on early Slavonic manuscripts and textual ornamentation; a fun site to explore!

*** Национальная библиотека республики Карелия - Manuscript collection in the Department of Rare Books

The Manuscripts Literature Collection - images from 10 early Russian manuscripts (click on images for a larger view)

Институт Рукописной и Старопечатной Книги - The Institute of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books

Old Russian Manuscripts of the Pushkinskii Dom

Древлехранилище. Древнерусская книжно-рукописная традиция
— Repository of Ancient Objects. Early Russian book and manuscript tradition

«Должен быть свой Матенадаран!»


Антикварная книга - for those who love looking at old books and printing!

*** COLLECTION: Perm Province Folklore Museum - Division of Rare Books

История культуры старообрядчества — СТАРООБРЯДЧЕСКОЕ КНИГОПЕЧАТАНИЕ
— History of Old Ritualist Culture – OLD RITUALIST BOOK PRINTING

Книгопечатание в Киеве XVII в.

Фонды и коллекции | Коллекции ОРРК - A catalog of early printed books

LITURGICAL BOOKS: FROM MANUSCRIPT TO PRINT (A page from the History of Liturgical Texts)
by Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky

Bibles: Online and Computer Programs

Славянская Библия для Windows

Печатный двор - Текстовый архив (complete Slavonic Bible in HIP format)

Вопросы библеистики - ресурс для самообразования (a little of all the subjects covered above)


Tekstologiia.ru - This web site may not seem all that interesting at first glance, but it has a multitude of hidden treasures. A bibliophile's delight! Check out the NEW BOOKS link, and further down the page you will find lots of books which are of interest. Also check out the SITE MAP to find some on-line texts.

Электронные ресурсы по истории - Electronic Resources Library (English version)

Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien — TITUS

История культуры старообрядчества

iLoveLanguages - Your Guide to Languages on the Web - Free Translation

NEW LINKS: unsorted

Азбуковник - an interesting site, but rather strange, with lots of mysticism (reminds me of Jewish Kabbalah)
Букварь. Церковнославянская азбука - Another version, but mirrored elsewhere and slightly different
ANOTHER mirrored version (INDEX) (Спас нерукотворный)

Традиции письма и реформы

РУСЬ.РУ - Сетевой литературно-образовательный проект Дмитрия Емца

Enfant Terrible :: Russia_1
Enfant Terrible :: Russia_2

Enfant Terrible :: Russia_3
This is one of the most extensive collections of early and older Russian literature on the internet.

Община Свищов (Bulgaria)

Проект: Новая жизнь книжных памятников. Археографические экспедиции по Чувашской Республике.

Издания ОРК: краткая библиография (1967-1996).

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