April 10, 2011Documentation of Various Letter Forms
in Early Printed Church Slavonic Resources:
The Northern Slavic Typographic Tradition (c.1555 – c.1655)

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Церковнославянский язык, письменности и шрифты
Church Slavonic language, calligraphy and typography

The Ponomar Project new
These pages are temporary support materials for the Ponomar Project, for purposes of collaborative writing and development, and as a testing stage for implementing Church Slavonic writing scripts in Unicode.

Church Slavonic Style Manual (CSSM) new
The CSSM is a wiki (a collaborative writing environment) to provide educational tools for typesetters to learn to use Slavonic fonts correctly, guidelines for type designers to create compatible fonts, and to offer a growing collection of articles and links for those who wish to learn more about the Slavonic languages and their writing scripts.

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Церковнославянский язык – Church Slavonic Language
   • Введение – Introduction
   • Воспитание (традициональное) – Education (Traditional)
   • Научные ресурсы: Азбука, Учебно-справочная, Грамота, Синтаксис – Teaching Resources: Primer, Grammatical Literature, Syntaxis
   • Словари – Dictionaries

Славянские письменности (шрифты) - Slavonic Writing Systems (Scripts, Fonts)
   • Общая справка – General Reference
   • Рукописная традиция – The Manuscript Tradition
   • Печатная традиция – The Printed Tradition
   • Преимущественные типографы – Preeminent Typographers

Типиграфское искусство – Typography
Modern Typography Issues:
   • Font Encodings and Formats, Software & Utilities, etc.

Православные шрифты – Orthodox Fonts

Древнерусская литература – Early Russian Literature

Исследование – Research

Ссылки – Links

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