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East-Slavic Chants: Early Russian Chants (Unison)

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In addition to this bibliography, the serious scholar of Russian Znamenny Chant should consult Meletina Makarovskaia's extensive bibliography: СТАРООБРЯДЧЕСКОЕ ПЕНИЕ – библиография 1901-2000 г.

[Notes toward a bibliography: This is a work in progress. Currently it contains printed primary sources for Eastern chant in staff notation, whether modern musical notation (‘Italian’ notes) or the ‘Kievan’ or ‘Irmologion’ notation with square or diamond-shaped note heads, together with a few such sources in manuscript. It does not at present include books with neumes, whether the Greek neumes or the krjuki of the Eastern Slavs, with the current exception of a Grigorev’s book with krjuki exclusively, and three books containing chant material notated in krjuki, together with transcriptions onto the staff. It is organized by national or regional tradition.]

Books with Krjuki

Grigor’iev, E. Пособіе по Изученію Церковнаго Пѣнія и Чтенія. 2nd edn. Riga: Rižskaja Grebenskaja Staroobriadčeskaia Obščina, 2001. 318 pp.
An instructional book rather than a collection, this book presents the most reliable version of the Lesser Znamenny Chant, both as it appears in books with kriuki and as it is sung in oral tradition. It also presents the tones used in reading.

Transcriptions of Books with Krjuki

Gardner, Johann von, and Erwin Koschmieder. Ein handschriftliches Lehrbuch der altrussischen Neumenschrift. Three volumes. Munich: Verlag der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Part 1. Text. Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Philosophisch-historische Klasse, Abhandlungen, neue Folge, Vol. 57. 1963. xix + 330 pp., 19 plates.
Part 2. Kommentar zum Zeichensystem. Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Philosophisch-historische Klasse, Abhandlungen, neue Folge, Vol. 62. 1966. [viii] + 59 pp., 2 plates.
Part 3. Kommentar zum Tropen- und Schlüsselformen-System. Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Philosophisch-historische Klasse, Abhandlungen, neue Folge, Vol. 68. 1972. 288 pp.

Kreuz, Inge. Die Antiphonen der Passion aus Neumenhandschriften der Altgläubigen und einen russischen Frühdruck. Studia slavica musicologica; Texte und Abhandlungen zur slavischen Musik und Musikgeschichte sowie Erträge der Musikwissenschaft Osteuropas, Band 11. Berlin: Verlag Ernst Kuhn, 1997.

Metallov, Vasilij. Осмогласіе Знаменнаго Роспѣва. Moscow: Sinodaľnaja tipografija, 1899. viii + 92 pp.

Sava, Stela, ed. Die Gesänge des altrussischen Oktoechos samt den Evangelien-Sticheren. 2 vols: 1. Faksimile/Übertragung; 2: Kommentar.

Ngoma: Studien zur Volksmusik und außereuropäischen Kunstmusik, Band 9. Munich and Salzburg: Musikverlag Emil Katzbichler, 1984. [xii] + [420] + vii and [vi] + 156 pp.

The Official Editions of Monophonic Chant

All of these are printed in square Kievan notation. All are published in Moscow by Sinodaľnaja tipografija, except for several that are noted as having been published in St Petersburg. The publication data are a bit confusing: some printings represented new editions, others were essentially just reprints. Moreover, sometimes successive printings are counted as belonging to one and the same impression. I have not seen a complete list of all printings; some, such as the Abridged Obixod, seem to have had a new impression almost every year. The successive editions differed little from one another until a substantial redaction was undertaken in the 1880s; the Obixods of this new redaction are characterized by a greater incidence of “shortened” chants.(1)

1) N. B. Zaxarina, Русские богослужебные певческие книги XVII-XIX веков: Синодальная традиция (Saint Petersburg: Sankt-Peterburgskaja Gosudarstvennaja Konservatorija im. N. A. Rimskago-Korsakova, 2003), pp 154-161.

Обиходъ церковный нотнагω пѣнія разныхъ напѣвωвъ. 1772. 371 pp.
Later printings include: 1778; 2nd impression, 1786; 1792; 3rd, 1798; 4th, 1804; 5th, 1808, 1816; 6th, 1826; unnumbered impression, 1830-31; 7th, 1833; 8th, 1844 8th, 1858; 9th, 1860; 10th, 1864; 11th, 1879; 1899.
St Petersburg, 1869; 1894; 1899; 1910.

Обиходъ нотнагω пѣнія употребительныхъ разныхъ церковныхъ напѣвωвъ. 2 vols. 1892; 1894 (St Petersburg), 1899 (St Petersburg), 1900-1901; 1902; 1909, 1910 (St Petersburg). Reprint edn (of the edn of 1909)—Chevetogne, Belgium, and Cureglia, Switzerland: Benedictine Communities, 1966.

Сокращенный Обиходъ церковный нотнагω пѣнія. 1778.
Later edns & printings include: 1784; 1787; 1801; 1804; 1808; 1809; 1810; 1815; 1818; 1821; 1823; 1825; 1826: 1832; 1835; 1836; 1838; 1841; 1846; 1848; 1849; 70th impression, 1855; 72nd, 1856; 73rd, 1863; 74th, 1864; 75th, 1870; 1871; 76th, 1876; 77th, 1883; 1884.

Учебный Обиходъ церковный нотнагω пѣнія. 1886; 1887; 1889; 4th, 1898, 5th, 1913.

Обиходъ (учебный) нотнагω пѣнія употребительныхъ разныхъ церковныхъ напѣвωвъ 1892.

Ірмологій знаменнагω роспѣва, обдержай вся ірмосы Осмогласника, Владычныхъ же и богоматере праздникωвъ и всѣго лѣта. 2 vols. 1772. 467 pp in two continuously-paginated vols.
Later edns & printings include: 1781; 2nd, 1786; 1789, 1790; 3rd, 1800; 4th, 1805; 5th, 1809; 6th, 1816; 1826; 8th, 1833; 9th, 1841; 1850; 10th, 1862; 1871; 11th, 1872; 1878; 1888; 1890; 1894; 1899, 1910.

Октѡихъ или Осмогласникъ знаменнагω роспѣва, содержащій въ себѣ возслѣдованіе службы съ богородчны всея седмицы. 1772. 170 pp.
Later printings include: 2nd, 1785; 1789; 3rd, 1795; 4th, 1800; 5th, 1802; 6th, 1806, 1808; 1811; 8th, 1815; 1816, 9th, 1817; (Not later than the 10th edn, the title appears as Октѡихъ нотнагω пѣнія или Осмогласникъ знаменнагω роспѣва, содержащіи возслѣдованіе службы съ богородчны всея седмицы.) 10th, 1824; 11th, 1831, 12th, 1834; 1844; 13th, 1849; 1860; 14th, 1865; 15th, 1866; 16th, 1885; 1889, Ѡктѡиxъ нотнагω пѣнія сирѣчъ Осмогласникъ, ѡдержай въ себѣ возслѣдованіе воскресныя службы осми гласѡвъ, съ богородичны всея седмицы. 1889; St Petersburg, 1900.

Праздники, сіесть избранные на г[о]с[под]скія и Б[о]городичныя дни стіxиры знаменнагѡ роспѣва. 1772. 171 pp.
Later printings include: 1786; 3rd, 1800; 4th, 1805, 1806; 5th, 1807; 6th, 1816, 1817; 1826; 8th, 1833; 9th, 1841; 10th, 1862; 11th, 1878.

Праздники нотнагω пѣнія сирѣчъ нотныя службы на дни двунадесятныхъ господскихъ и богородичныйхъ празниковъ (неподвызнихъ). 1888; later printings include: 1890 1894; 1899; 1910.

Тріодь нотнаго пѣнія—постная и цвѣтная.1891, 1899.

Азбука начальнаю ученія, простаю нотнаго пѣнія, содержающагося на цефаутномъ клучѣ. 1772.
Later edns: 1784; 1793; 1814; 4th, 1825; 1851; 1858.

A Trephologion or Trezvon (containing the more important feasts outside of the set of Twelve Great Feasts) was contemplated for this series but never published.

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