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Regional Chant Systems: Modern Russian Chants

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INFORMATION (History, Theory, Practice, Notation, etc.)

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Harmonization of Chanting Systems

Особенности гармонизации терцового обихода (регент Людмила)

Early Russian Part-Singing (Partesnoe Penie) and Early Composers

Kievan Chant

Russian "Greek" Chant

Л. А. Игошев. Происхождение греческого роспева (опыт анализа)
Л. А. Игошев. Греческий роспев: проблемы возникновения и структурный анализ

Russian "Bulgarian" Chant

Obikhod/Court/Bakhmetev/Lvov/Common Chant

Пособие по изучению осмогласия современной московской традиции (This is an excellent set of PDFs which provide instructions for how to sing each of the formulaic melodies - stichera, troparia, prokeimena and irmoi - in the 8 Tones with the contemporary Moscow system of 4-part harmonization.)

Regional Russian Chants: Valaam, Solovetsky, etc.

Finnish Octoechos Chant

Alaskan Chant

Russian Monastery Chants (Inexplicit Monastic Attributions)

HOMECatalog of Regional Chant Systems