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Georgian Orthodox Liturgical Music
Грузинское православное церковное пение

All selections, with the exception of one Cherubikon, were found distributed all over the internet, and thus I consider them to be in the public domain (unless requested to remove an item). Oddly, most items have been adapted for Church Slavonic, and I feel this is indicative of the growing popularity of Georgian Orthodox Church Singing in Russia. A few items are available in English, and some in the original Georgian. The quality of both the files and the music presented here is mixed, but I have chosen to present these files just as I found them on the web.

There are many settings of a Cherubic Hymn circulating on the internet these days. The most popular version borrows its melody (like a Podoben) from a simplified version of the famous hymn "Shen khar venakhi," or "Thou art a vine" (the second melody in the list below). Technically speaking, this is not an authentic Cherubikon melody, and it probably should not be used in a liturgical setting, but it seems to have become so popular that it doubtful that this practice can be stopped, especially outside Georgia where people are not familiar with the musical tradition. Moreover, the ethos of the music is quite suitable for a liturgical setting, so there is little convincing argument for banning its use. ("Shen khar venakhi" is a famous paraliturgical hymn to the Holy Virgin, composed by King Demetre [1125-1155], who later become a monk under the name Damiane: "Thou art a vine, newly-blossomed, / tender, beautiful, planted in Eden, / Aloe-scented fom Paradise. / God adorned thee; no one deserves praise as do thou. / Thou thyself art the sun which shineth here.")

Of the available files, there is a considerable amount of duplication of typeset versions of some hymns. I have included some of these various duplications, simply because some settings in PDF format fit on European letter size paper (A4), while others fit on American letter size paper (8.5 inches by 11 inches). There may also be enough subtle variations that a choir director may choose one rendition over another.

Tekts in Translation - Тексты (на транслите)

God is the Lord / Господь Бог / Ghmerti upali

Ghmerti upali da gamogvichnda chen
k.urtkheul ars momavali sakhelita uplisata

Christ is risen / Христос Воскресе / Kriste aghsdga (тропарь Пасхи )

Kriste aghsdga mkvdretit
Sikvdilisa sikvdilita damstrgunveli da saplabelis shinata
Tskhovrebis mimnichebeli!

NOTE: The language used in the following listing indicates the language used in the musical setting.




*The third setting of the Cherubic Hymn was transcribed by Nikita Simmons from two recordings, and was typeset by Henk Klein Haneveld, Autumn 2004.

Other Hymns:

Pascha Wedding Hymn (PDF) (.MUS)

Handwritten scores in Georgian - Рукописные ноты на грузинском языке

01. Владыко Небесный
02. Ангел вопиет (упрощенно)
03. Исайя
04. Благословение Духа
05. ...да сбудется
06. Святый Господи
07. Благолепный
08. Иже Херувимы
09. И подобно Влыдыке...
10. Символ веры
11. Отпущение грехов...
12. Тебя мы воспеваем
13. Отче наш
14. Восславление
15. Отче наш
16. Испытай...
17. Воскресение Твое...
18. Преисполнил уста мои славословием...


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