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 2. Greek Liturgical Psalter

Note: Some of the pages on this site require the Greek font "Athena" or the updated version "New Athena Unicode" (recommended). Please download from HERE. In addition, some of the .DOC files require the excellent "GentiumAlt" font, which may be downloaded from HERE.

An overview of Greek translations of the Old Testament (in planning)

Polytonic Orthography

Ψαλτήριον [version 1] – Polytonic (LXX Liturgical Psalter in Greek) – HTMLRTF (rubrics still in preparation)

Ψαλτήριον [version 2] – Polytonic (study bible text, not arranged for liturgical use) – HTMLDOC

Psaltirion and Biblical Odes – Polytonic (study bible text, possibly not the standard LXX text, not arranged for liturgical use, requires the GentiumAlt font) – DOC

ΑΙ ΕΝΝΕΑ ῼΔΑΙPolytonic (The LXX Biblical Odes) – RTF

Please note: There are some versions of the LXX (Septuagint) text available on Protestant web sites, lacking capital letters and punctuation. I have chosen to disregard these texts as unusable for practical use. (Biblical scholars will be aware that this is the original format of the Greek text, but such a use of the Greek text is beyond the scope of this project.)

Psalter: MT-LXX (by Tov) – This is a .DOC file I found somewhere on the Internet in past years, but I can no longer determine its source. I am posting it "as-is" (one might encounter font issues) for study.

Monotonic Orthography

Ψαλτήριον Τερπνόν – Monotonic (Liturgical Psalter in Greek, with Psalm 151 and Biblical Odes) – HTML PDFDOC (Arial Greek) DOC (Arial)

Ορθόδοξος Χριστιανική Γωνιά - Ψαλτήριο

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