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Last Updated:
December 27, 2009


NEWS UPDATE: The translation of the complete Liturgical Psalter (edited by David James, with assistance from a small support team) is now completed; this project has all the supplemental material found in the Church Slavonic Psalter, which was not included in the Boston Psalter, and for the Psalms it uses the Latin Vulgate (Galican Psalter, based on pre-Masoretic Hebrew) of St. Jerome as a source, as well as the received Greek Septuagint (LXX). The text is basically a reworking of the Coverdale Psalms used by the Anglican Book of Common Prayer (BCP), which has a classical and timeless literary beauty that often surpasses the Boston Psalter. Publication details are forthcoming....

The Liturgical Psalter – A Proposed Table of Contents
for a new comprehensive English-language edition, currently in production, with original Slavonic text materials available on this web site. – This is a work in progress.

Commentaries on the Proposed Table of ContentsThis is a work in progress.

Please Note: Web pages with Church Slavonic texts may require the installation of fonts to render the text accurately. Please install the font "Triodion" from the Irmologion font web site. (The TrueType package is probably the better choice, and will work in all computer platforms.) While the Irmologion site has several excellent fonts, the Triodion typeface was chosen for its legibility and clarity of design, features necessary for liturgical use. In addition, installing the "Triod" font is recommended in order to view any pages using old orthography Russian texts. (I have placed tags in the HTML to display these fonts properly; not installing the fonts may result in gibberish.)


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27 December 2009: The 2nd edition of Archimandrite Lazarus Moore's translation of the Psalter is now available in .DOC format.

4 September 2009: News Upate on the home page.

19 August 2009: Today I revised the Slavonic text of theЧин двенадцати псалмов. See the Table of Contents for new copies.

9 August 2009: Today I added Правило святаго Пахомия (славянский текст)(.RTF).

7 August 2009: Today I have added the List of Refrains at the Canons (Weekly, Festal and General), and Proper names in the Coverdale Psalms (compiled by Silouan Thompson). I also added the Slavonic HTML text version of "Последование по исход души тела".

4 August 2009: The Slavonic text of the Selected Psalms and Magnifications have never been available on the web, and I have spent the last week compiling these from numerous sources. My version is a composite text of the printed Psalter and excerpts from festal services published in the Slavonic Festal Menaion and General Menaion, as well as a couple of modern services not included in these books. These materials are available in HTML, PDF and DOC formats.

20 July 2009: Draft version of this site was created and uploaded.