Other Translations of the Psalter

"A New English Translation of the Septuagint and Other Greek Translations Traditionally Included under That Title: The Psalms" (Albert Pietersma, trans., Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2000), ISBN 0-19-529753-9. "As far as I know it is not on line, but should be easy to obtain. Whether this would find acceptance as a liturgical Psalter I cannot say; it is certainly different from what most churchgoers are used to." (Stephen Reynolds)

The Canadian-published psalter blessed for use in the Archdiocese of Canada by His Grace, Bishop Seraphim of Ottawa and Canada, is entitled "The Psalter according to the Seventy, that is, the Septuagint, Ecclesiastical Text" (Westport, Ontario: The WORDsmith, for the Archdiocese of Canada, Orthodox Church in America, 2001). ISBN 0-9688818-0-7. A translation into modern English, it includes the Psalms in 20 Sessions (Kathismata), Biblical Canticles, "Prayers after Reading Several Sessions, or, After Reading the Entire Psalter" (pp. 295-298); "The Following of the Twelve Psalms" (pp. 299-320); "Magnifications" (pp. 321-349). 350 pages plus introduction (24 page). Standard edition, with basic footnotes. It is Published for The Archdiocese of Canada, Orthodox Church in America by The WORDsmith, Box 599 Westport, ON K0G 1X0 Canada, Tel./Fax (613) 273-3222. The Psalter is available directly from the publisher: Softcover $18.95 Canadian, Hardcover $29.95 Canadian, plus shipping, plus GST (7%). (Reviewers complain that the layout is poorly done.)

The Monastery of the Holy Myrrhbearers published an edition of the Psalter in 1995 (details forthcoming).

For the Troparia following each Kathisma, the nuns at the Monastery of the Transfiguration, in Ellwood City, PA have a volume translated from the
Slavonic, which they sell for $3.50. It has the tone listed for each set of Troparia.