Synaxarion of the Orthodox Church

The following is from the volume Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom translated by the faculty of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.

The Synaxarion is an abridged listing Feast Days and of the Saints of the Orthodox Church listed in order according to the ecclesiastical Calendar on the day that their feast is celebrated. The Ecclesiastical year begins in September.

September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August


1. The beginning of the Indiction, that is, of the new ecclesiastical year. Symeon the Stylite. The 40 virgins and ascetics. Ammun the deacon. Symeon of Lesvos. Venerable Meletios, Nicholas, and Anthony of Verroia. Angeles the neomartyr.
2. Mamas the martyr. John the Faster, patriarch of Cons/nople.
3. Hieromartyr Anthimos. Chariton the martyr. Polydoros the neomartyr. Venerable Theoktistos. Phoibe the deacon. The translation of the relics of Nektarios of Pentapolis the wonderworker.
4. Hieromartyr Babylas. Moses the prophet. Martyr Jerusalem and her children. Sekendos, Sekendinos, and Kegouros of Verroia. Hermione the martyr. Venerable Anthimos the Younger of Kephallonia.
5. Zacharias the prophet and Elizabeth. Bishop Abdaios.
6. Commemoration of the miracle of Archangel Michael at Chonai. Eudoxios, Andronikos, and Kalodote the martyrs.
7. Sozon the martyr. Athanasios the neomartyr. Venerable Kassiane.
8. The Nativity of our most holy Lady the Theotokos.
9. The synaxis of the holy and righteous Forefathers Joachim and Anna. Great martyr Severianos. The Fathers of the 3rd Ecumenical Synod.
10. Menodora, Metrodora, and Nymphodora the martyrs. Pulcheria the empress.
11. Venerable Theodora of Alexandria and Euphrosynos the cook. Demetrios and Evanthia the martyrs.
12. Hieromartyrs Autonomos, and Kournoutos. Venerable Daniel.
13. Hieromartyr Cornelius. Aristeides the martyr. Venerable Hierotheos.
14. The Universal Exaltation of the Precious and Life-giving Cross. Venerable martyr Makarios the Younger.
15. Niketas the great martyr. Porphyrios the martyr. Vessarion, bishop of Larisa. John the neomartyr. Venerable Philotheos and Gerasimos.
16. Euphemia the great martyr. Bishop Martinos.
17. Sophia, Pistes, Elpes, and Agape the martyrs. Herakleides the hieromartyr. Venerable Anastasios and Euxiphios.
18.Eumenios, bishop of Gortyna the wonderworker. Ariadne the martyr.
19. Trophimos, Sabbatios, Dorymendon, and Sosanna the martyrs.
20. Eustathios the great martyr and his companions. Hieromartyr Hilarion. Venerable John.
21. Kodratos the apostle, bishop of Athens. Jonah the prophet.
22. Hieromartyr Phokas the wonderworker. Isaak and Martinos the martyrs. The 26 venerable martyrs of Mt. Athos.
23. The conception of the honorable Forerunner. Rais the martyr. Venerable Xanthippe and Polyxene. Nicholas and John the neomartyrs.
24. Thekla the great martyr and equal-to-the-apostles. Ahmet the neomartyr.
25. Venerable Euphrosyne and hieromartyr Paphnoutios and his companions.
26. John the Theologian, apostle and evangelist. Translation of the holy relics of Andrew the apostle.
27. Kallistratos the martyr. Aristarchos, Zenon, and Markos the apostles. Akylina the neomartyr. Venerable Ignatios.
28. The venerable Chariton the confessor, Neophytos, and Auxentios. Heliodoros the martyr. Baruch the prophet.
29. Venerable Kyriakos. Petronia the martyr. Venerable martyrs Malachia and his companions on the Strophades Islands.
30. Venerable martyr Gregorios, bishop of Armenia, the Illuminator.


1. Ananias the apostle. Domninos the martyr. Venerable Romanos the Melodos and John Koukouzeles.
2. Hieromartyr Kyprianos the confessor. Justine the virgin-martyr. Venerable Theophilos. George the neomartyr.
3. Hieromartyr Dionysios the Areopaghite, first bishop and patron saint of Athens. Eleutherios and Roustikos the martyrs.
4. Hierotheos, bishop of Athens. Krispos the apostle. Domnine the martyr.
5. Charitine the martyr. John, bishop of Euchaita. Venerable Eudokimos.
6. Thomas the apostle. Venerable Kendeas. Neomartyr Makarios.
7. Sergios and Bakchos the martyrs. Hieromartyr Polychronios. Julianos the presbyter. Venerable John the hermit and his companions.
8. Pelagia the venerable. Virgin-martyr Pelagia. Taisia the martyr. Artemon the hieromartyr. Ignatios the neomartyr.
9. Iakovos (James) the apostle. Venerable Andronikos, Athanasia, and Poplia. Abraham the righteous and his nephew Lot.
10. Eulampios and Eulampia martyrs. Venerable Theophilos.
11. Philip the apostle and deacon. Theophanes the confessor. Nektarios, Arsakios, Philotheos, and Sisinios, patriarchs of Cons/nople. Venerable Jonah.
12. Provos, Tarachos, and Andronikos the martyrs.
13. Karpos, Papylos, Agathodoros, Agathonike, Deacon Benjamin, and Florentios the martyrs. Chryse the neomartyr.
14. Nazarios, Gervasios, Protasios, and Kelsios the martyrs. Venerable Kosmas, Paraskeve, and Nicholas. Gregory, bishop of Assos (Mytilene). Ignatios, bishop of Methymna.
15. Presbyter Loukianos of Antioch. Venerable Euthymios, Sabbatinos, and Barsos.
16. Longinus the Centurion and martyr.
17. Hosea the prophet. Andrew the venerable martyr.
18. Luke the apostle and evangelist. Marinos the martyr. Venerable Theodore and Symeon. Gabriel the neomartyr.
19. Prophet Joel, Martyr Ouaros, Bishop Mnason.
20. Artemios the great martyr. Venerable Gerasimos of Kephallenia the new ascetic. Venerable Matrona of Chios.
21. Venerable Hilarion the Great and Christodoulos of Patmos. Hieromartyr Socrates. Theodote, Philotheos, Barnabas, and Hilarion the martyrs. John the neomartyr of Monemvasia.
22. Averkios, bishop of Hierapolis, equal-to-the-apostles. The seven holy martyred children of Ephesos. Bishop Eulalios.
23. Apostle Iakovos, brother of the Lord. Ignatios, patriarch of Cons/nople.
24. Great martyr Arethas. Sebastiane the martyr.
25. Martyrs Markianos and Martyrios the notaries. Chrysaphos and Chrysanthe the martyrs. Tabetha the merciful.
26. Great Martyr Demetrios the myrrhbearer and wonderworker.
27. Martyr Nestor. Prokla, wife of Pilate. Kyriakos, patriarch of Cons/nople.
28. Commemoration of the holy protection of our most holy Theotokos. Terentios, Neonilla, and Eunike the martyrs. Athanasios, patriarch of Cons/nople. Angeles, Manouel, George, and Nicholas the neomartyrs of Rethymnon. Venerable Stephen the poet.
29. Venerable martyr Anastasia the Roman. Venerable Avramios and Mary. Venerable martyr Athanasios the Younger.
30. Zenobios and Zenobia the martyrs. Apostles Kleopas and Artemas. Venerable Joseph and Kyriakos, patriarchs of Cons/nople. Therapon and John the wonderworker.
31.Stachys, Apellos, Amplias, Urbanus, Aristoboulos, and Narkissos the apostles. Epimachos martyr. Nicholas the neomartyr.


1. The holy wonderworking Kosmas and Damianos the unmercenaries, Venerable Theodote and David of Euboia. Iakovos and Dionysios the new venerable martyrs.
2. Akindynos, Pegasios, Aphthonios, Elpidophoros, and Anempodistos the martyrs.
3. Martyrs Akepsimas, Joseph and Aeithalas. Venerable martyr George the Younger of Neapolis.
4. Venerable Ioannikios the Great. Nikandros and Hermaios the hieromartyrs. Porphyrios the martyr and John the emperor.
5. Martyrs Galaktion and Episteme. Hermas, Lenos, Gaios, and Philologos the apostles. Pamphilos the hieromartyr.
6. Paul, archbishop of Cons/nople the confessor. Venerable Luke and Paul. Nikandros the martyr.
7. The 33 martyrs of Melitene. Venerable Lazaros.
8. The synaxis of Archangels Michael and Gabriel and all the other heavenly bodiless powers.
9. Martyrs Onesiphoros and Porphyrios. Venerable Matrona, Theoktiste, Symeon the Metaphrastes, Euthymios, and Neophytos. Nektarios, metropolitan of Pentapolis the wonderworker.
10. Olympas, Rodion, Sosipatros and Tertios, Erastos, and Kouartos the apostles. Great martyr Orestes. Venerable Theosteriktos.
11. Menas, Viktor, Vikentios and Stephanis the martyrs. Venerable Theodore the Studites.
12. John the Merciful, patriarch of Alexandria. Venerable Neilos the myrrhbearer. Savas and Nicholas the neomartyrs.
13. John Chrysostom, archbishop of Cons/nople. Venerable Damaskenos the martyr.
14. Philip the apostle. Gregory Palamas, archbishop of Thessaloniki. Constantine the neomartyr from Hydra.
15. Gourias, Samonas, and Abibos the martyrs.
16. Matthew the apostle and evangelist. Iphigenia the martyr.
17. Gregory, bishop of Neokaisarea, the wonderworker. Gennadios, archbishop of Cons/nople.
18. Plato, Romanos and Zachaios the martyrs. Anastasios the neomartyr.
19. Obadiah the prophet. Agapios, Azes, Barlaam, Heliodoros, and Euphemia the martyrs.
20. Gregory Dekapolites. Proklos, Maximos and Anatolios, patriarchs of Cons/nople. Venerable Sozomenos the wonderworker.
21. The Entrance into the Temple of our most holy Lady, the Theotokos.
22. Apostles Philemon, Apphias, Archippos, and Onesimos. Hieromartyr Clement, bishop of Bulgaria, and Sisinios the hieromartyr.
23. Bishops Gregory, Amphilochios, and Ischyrion. Sisinios the hieromartyr and confessor. Dionysios, patriarch of Cons/nople and Metrophanes.
24. Clement, bishop of Rome. Hieromartyrs Peter of Alexandria and Hermogenes. Philoumenos and Alexander the martyrs.
25. Catherine and Merkourios the great martyrs.
26. Venerable Alypios, Nikon, and Stylianos. Neomartyr George.
27. Great martyr Iakovos the Persian. Venerable Nathanael.
28. Stephen the Younger. Eirenarchos and the martyrs of Tiberioupolis.
29. Paramonos and Philoumenos the martyrs. Hieromartyr bishop Dionysios of Corinth. Bishop Ourbanos of Macedonia and Nicholas, archbishop of Thessalonike.
30. Apostle Andrew the First-called. Archbishop Froumentios, the illuminator of Ethiopia. Alexander, bishop of Methymna.


1. Naoum (Nahum) the prophet, Venerable Philaretos the Martyr Ananias the Persian. Theokletos, archbishop of Lakedaimonia.
2. Abbakum (Habakkuk) the prophet. Abibos and Myrope the martyrs. Venerable Theophilos and Andrew.
3. Sophonios the prophet. Agapios and Seleukos the martyrs. Neomartyr Angeles the doctor. Venerable Theodoulos. Hieromartyr Gabriel, Patriarch of Cons/nople.
4. Barbara the great martyr. Venerable John of Damascus. Hieromartyr Serapheim the Younger, bishop of Phanarion.
5. Venerable Sabbas the blessed. Diogenes the martyr. Venerable Nektarios and Philotheos.
6. Nicholas, archbishop of Myra, Nicholas the neomartyr.
7. Ambrose, bishop of Milan. Athenodoros the martyr. Venerable Gregory and Gerasimos from Euboia.
8. Venerable Patapios. Sophronios, bishop of Cyprus. Apollo, Crispos, Caesar, and Epaphroditos the apostles. Parthenios the martyr.
9. The Conception of St. Anna, mother of the Theotokos.
10. Menas, Hermogenes, and Eugraphos the martyrs. Venerable Thomas.
11. Venerable Daniel, Luke, Nomon, and Leontios. Barsabas the martyr.
12. Spyridon, bishop of Trimythous the wonderworker. Venerable John, metropolitan of Zichna.
13. Eustratios, Auxentios, Eugenios, Mardarios, Orestes and Loukia the martyrs. Hieromartyr Gabriel.
14. Thyrsos, Leukios, Kallinikos, Philemon, Apollonios, Hypatios, Arrian the martyrs.
15. Eleutherios the hieromartyr. Anthia the martyr.
16. Angaios the prophet. Modestos, the hieromartyr. Theophano the empress.
17. Prophet Daniel and the three holy Children. Dionysios, bishop of Aigina the Miracleworker in Zakynthos.
18. Sevastianos (Sebastian), Zoe and their companion martyrs. Modestos, bishop of Jerusalem.
19. Boniphatios (Boniface), Ares, Eutychios, and Thessalonike the martyrs. Aglaia the Roman.
20. Hieromartyr Ignatios the Godbearer. John the Neomartyr.
21. Iouliane (Juliana) and Themistokles the martyrs.
22. Great martyr Anastasia. Chrysogenes the martyr.
23. The 10 martyrs of Crete. Nicholas the neomartyr and Venerable Naoum.
24. Eugenia, Achaikos, Vassila the martyrs. Ahmet the neomartyr.
25. The Nativity of Our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ.
26. The synaxis of most holy Theotokos. Euthymios, bishop of Sardis the confessor. Hieromartyr Konstantios the Russian.
27. Proto-martyr Stephen. Venerable Theodore the Composer.
28. The twenty thousand martyrs burned at Nikomedia. Hieromartyr Glykerios. Simon the Myrrhbearer.
29. The holy 14 thousand children. Venerable Markellos. Bishop George.
30. Venerable martyr Anysia. Philetairos the martyr. Venerable Leon. Venerable martyr Gedeon the Younger of Tyrnavo.
31. Venerable Melania. Hieromartyr Zotikos the orphan-keeper.


1. The Circumcision of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Basil the Great, archbishop of Caesaria. Peter the neomartyr.
2. Silvester, bishop of Rome. Kosmas, archbishop of Cons/nople. Theagenes the hieromartyr. Sergios and Theopistos martyrs. Zorzes and George the neomartyrs. Venerable Theodote and Neilos.
3. Gordios the martyr. Malachi the prophet. Venerable Thomais.
4. The synaxis of the Seventy Apostles. Venerable Theoktistos. Venerable martyr Onouphrios the younger.
5. Bishop Theopemptos and Theonas the martyrs. Venerable Synkletike. Venerable martyr Romanos the Younger.
6. The holy Theophany of our Savior Jesus Christ.
7. The Synaxis of the honorable, glorious, prophet, and Forerunner John the Baptist. Deacon Ioulianos. Hieromartyr Romanos. Athanasios the neomartyr.
8. Venerable George Chozevites. Venerable Agathon, Domnike, and Makarios. Martyr Theophilos. Kyros and Attikos, patriarchs of Cons/nople. Kyranna the neomartyr. Parthena the neomartyr of Edessa.
9. Polyeuktos the martyr. Venerable Eustratios.
10. Gregory, bishop of Nyssa. Presbyter Markianos. Dometianos, bishop of Melitene.
11. Venerable Theodosios the coenobite, Theodosios of Athos, and Agapios.
12. Tatiane, Euthasia, and Mertios the martyrs.
13. Hermylos, Stratonikos, Pachomios, and Papyrinos the martyrs. Venerable Maximos.
14. The Fathers martyred at Raitho and Sinai. Agne the martyr. Theodoulos and Neilos. Sabas, first archbishop of Serbia.
15. Venerable Paul of Thebais and John the Kalyvites. Pansophios the martyr.
16. Martyr Peusippos, Neonilla and their companions. Damaskenos the hieromartyr. Nicholas of Mytilene the neomartyr.
17. Venerable Anthony the Great. The new ascetic Anthony of Verroia. George of Ioannina the neomartyr.
18. Athanasios and Cyril, patriarchs of Alexandria. Theodoule the martyr.
19. Makarios and Arsenios, bishop of Kerkyra. Mark Eugenikos, metropolitan of Ephesos. Venerable Makarios.
20. Venerable Euthymios the Great. Zacharias the neomartyr.
21. Maximos the Confessor. Venerable Neophytes and Zosimos. Martyrs Neophytes and Agne. Maximos the Greek.
22. Apostle Timothy. Anastasios the hieromartyr. Venerable Joseph the blessed.
23. Hieromartyr Klemes, bishop of Ankyra. Agathangelos the martyr. Dionysios of Mt. Olympos.
24. Hieromartyr Babylas. Venerable Xene. Philon, bishop of Karpasa. Neophytoes the recluse.
25. Gregory the Theologian, archbishop of Cons/nople. Auxentios the neomartyr.
26. Venerable Xenophon and his comanions. Venerable Xenophon of Athos.
27. Markiane the empress. Neomartyr Demetrios. Venerable Klemes the Athenian.
28. Venerable Ephraim the Syrian. Venerable Palladios. Charis the martyr.
29. Neomartyr Demetrios of Chios.
30. Our fathers among the saints, the great hierarchs and ecumenical teachers: Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostomos. Martyrs Hippolytos and Chryse. Neomartyr Theodore. Presbyter Ioulios of Aigina.
31. Kyros and John the Unmercenaries. Martyrs Athanasia, Theodote, Theoktiste, Eudoxia, and Papias of Corinth. Neomartyr Elias of Kalamata. Venerable Arsenios of Paros.


1. Tryphon, Perpetua, and the four martyrs of Megara. Basil, archbishop of Thessalonike the confessor. Neomartyr Anastasios of Nauplion. Venerable David and Symeon.
2. The Meeting of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ. Martyr Agathodoros. Venerable neomartyrs Iordanes and Gabriel.
3. Holy and Just Symeon who received God. Prophetess Anna. Nicholas, Stamatios, and John the neomartyrs of Spetsai.
4. Venerable Isidore and Nicholas. Joseph the neomartyr.
5. Martyr Agathe. Polyeuktos, patriarch of Cons/nople. Neomartyr Anthony the Athenian. Venerable Theodosios.
6. Boukoulos, bishop of Smyrna. Photios the Great, patriarch of Cons/nople.
7. Parthenios, bishop of Lampsakos. Venerable Loukas of Steirion. Neomartyr. George Divoles.
8. Great martyr Theodore Stratelates. Zacharias the prophet.
9. Martyr Nikephoros. Hieromartyr Markellos. Bishops Pankratios and Philagrios.
10. Hieromartyr Charalambos the wonderworker. Venerable Zenon the messenger.
11. Hieromartyr Vlasios. Theodora the empress. Neomartyr George the Serb.
12. Meletios, archbishop of Antioch. Chrestos the neomartyr.
13. Venerable Martinianos. Apostles Akyla and Priscilla the martyrs. Eulogios, patriarch of Alexandria.
14. Auxentios the presbyter. Venerable Abraam, Maron, and Damianos. Nicholas and George the neomartyrs.
15. Onesimos the apostle. Venerable Eusebios. Maior the martyr.
16. Pamphilos the martyr. Flavianos, patriarch of Cons/nople. Venerable Romanos the martyr.
17. Theodore the great martyr. Marcian and Pulcheria the pious sovereigns. Theodore and Michael the neomartyrs. Venerable Euxiphios.
18. Leon, bishop of Rome. Bishop Agapetos the confessor.
19. Archippos, Philemon, and Apphias the apostles. Venerable martyr Philothee the Athenian. Hieromartyr Niketas the Younger.
20. Bishop Leon, Venerable Bessarion. Agathon, bishop of Rome.
21. Venerable Timothy. Patriarchs Eustathios, Zacharias, and John. George, bishop of Amastris.
22. The finding of the relics of the martyrs of Eugenion. Anthousa the martyr.
23. Hieromartyr Polykarpos, bishop of Smyrna. Polychronios the martyr. Venerable Gorgonia. Venerable martyr Damianos the Younger.
24. The first and second finding of the head of the Forerunner.
25. Tarasios, archbishop of Cons/nople. Reginos and Markellos the hieromartyrs. Alexander the martyr.
26. Porphyrios, bishop of Gaza. Great martyr Photeine the Samaritan and her companions. Theokletos the martyr. John the neomartyr.
27. Venerable Prokopios Dekapolites the confessor. Gelasios and Nesios the martyrs. Eilas the neomartyr.
28. Venerable Basil the confessor. Proterios the hieromartyr. Nymphas and Euboulos the apostles. Kyranna the neomartyr.
29. Venerable Kassianos the confessor.


1. Venerable martyr Eudokia. Domnina the martyr. Marcellus and Antonina the martyrs. Venerable Agapios and Eudokimos of Athos.
2. Theodotos, bishop in Cyprus. Hesychios and Euthalia the martyrs.
3. Eutropios, Kleonikos, Basiliskos, and Theodoretos the martyrs.
4. Venerable Gerasimos. Gregory, bishop of Cyprus. Paul and Juliana the martyrs.
5. Venerable martyr Konon. Archelaos and his 152 companion martyrs. Neomartyr John the Bulgarian.
6. The 42 martyrs from Amorion who were martyred in Bagdad.
7. Hieromartyrs Basileus, Ephraim, Eugenios, Kapiton, and Aitherios, the bishops who served in Cherson. Venerable Laurentios of Megara.
8. Theophylaktos, bishop of Nikomedia. Hermes the apostle.
9. The 40 martyrs of Sebasteia.
10. Kodratos and his 5 companion martyrs at Corinth. Anastasia the patrician. Michael the neomartyr.
11. Sophronios, patriarch of Jerusalem. Thalles and Trophimos the martyrs. Venerable George. Theodora, queen of Arta.
12. Theophanes the confessor. Gregory Dialogos, bishop of Rome. Venerable Symeon the New Theologian. Phinees the righteous.
13. The translation of the relics of Nikephoros, patriach of Cons/nople. Bishops Poplios and Markos.
14. Venerable Benedict. Bishop Euschemon.
15. Martyr Agapios and his cornpanions. Aristoboulos the apostle. Manouel the Cretan and Parthenios the neomartyrs.
16. Sabinos the martyr. Venerable Christodoulos the wonderworker.
17. Venerable Alexios the "man of God." Theosteriktos the confessor.
18. Cyril, patriarch of Jerusalem. Trophimos, Eukarpion and 10,000 other martyrs.
19. Chrysanthos, Dareia, Iason, Mauros, Diodoros, and Pencharios the martyrs. Demetrios the neomartyr.
20. The venerable fathers martyred in the monastery of Saint Sabbas. Myron the neomartyr.
21. Venerable confessor Iakovos the Younger. Thomas, patriarch of Cons/nople. Michael the neomartyr.
22. Basil, Kallinike, and Euthymios the martyrs.
23. Venerable martyr Nikon and his companions. Luke the neomartyr.
24. Venerable Zacharias and Artemon. Hieromartyr Parthenios the Younger.
25. The Annuciation of our most holy Lady, the Theotokos and ever virgin Mary.
26. Stephen the confessor.
27. Matrona of Thessalonike. Philetos and Lydia the martyrs. Venerable Paul, bishop of Corinth. Venerable Eutychios.
28. Venerable Hilarion. Herodion the apostle .
29. Mark the bishop, Cyril, Jonah, and Barachesios the martyrs. Bishop Eustathios the confessor.
30. Venerable John, author of the "Ladder." Hieromartyr Zacharias the Younger .
31. Hypatios, bishop of Gangra. Venerable Akakios, bishop of Melitene the confessor. Joel the prophet.


1. Venerable Mary of Egypt. Gerontios and Basileides martyrs.
2. Venerable Titos. Theodora, Aidesios, and Panagiotes martyrs.
3. Venerable Niketas the confessor. Venerable Joseph the hymnographer. Paul and John the neomartyrs.
4. Venerable George. Theodoulos and Agathopous the martyrs. Hieromartyr Niketas the Younger.
5. Claudius, Didymos and Diodoros the martyrs. George the neomartyr. Venerable Theodora.
6. Patriarch Eutychios. Venerable Platonis and Gregory. The martyrs of Samothrake.
7. Kalliopios the martyr. Venerable George, bishop of Mytilene.
8. Agabos, Ruphos, Phlegon, Asynkritos, Herodion, and Hermes the apostles. Celestine, bishop of Rome. John the neomartyr.
9. Eupsychios the martyr. Badimos, Raphael and Irene the venerable martyrs. Venerable Symeon.
10. Terentios and Pompey. Martyrs Alexander and his holy forty companions. Hieromartyr Gregory V, patriarch of Cons/nople. Demos the neomartyr.
11. Hieromartyr Antipas, bishop of Pergamos. Venerable Tryphaine.
12. Basil, bishop of Parion, the confessor. Venerable Anthousa. Venerable Akakios the Kausokalivites.
13. Martin the confessor, bishop of Rome. Eleutherios, Zoilos and Theodosios the martyrs.
14. Aristarchos, Poudes, and Trophimos the apostles. Thomais the martyr. Demetrios the neomartyr.
15. Cresces the martyr. Hieromartyr Leonidas, bishop of Athens.
16. Leonidas, Irene, Agape, Chionia, Charissa, Nike, Galene, and Theodote the martyrs. Michael, Raphael, Nicholas, Irene, and Christophoros the neomartyrs.
17. Hieromartyr Symeon. Hadrian the martyr. Agapetos, bishop of Rome. Makarios, archbishop of Corinth.
18. Venerable John, Euthymios and Athanasia of Aigina. Kosmas, bishop of Chalcedon the confessor. John the neomartyr.
19. Hieromartyr Paphnoutios. Patriarch Tryphon. Venerable martyr Agathangelos the Younger. Venerable Symeon the teacher.
20. Venerable Theodore, Athanasios, and Ioasaph. Zachaios the apostle.
21. Hieromartyr January. Venerable Maximos and Anastasios.
22. Bishop Theodore. Nathanael the apostle. Nearchos the martyr.
23. Great martyr George the Victorious. Glykerios the martyr. George and Lazaros the neomartyrs. Patriarch Dionysios the Wise.
24. Venerable Elizabeth the wonderworker. Sabbas the martyr. Felix, Furtunatos, and Achilles the hieromartyrs. Doukas, Akyline, Nicholas, and George the neomartyrs.
25. Mark the apostle and evangelist. Nike the neomartyr. Patriarch Makedonios. George the neomartyr.
26. Basil the hieromartyr. Venerable Glaphyra and George.
27. Hieromartyr Symeon. Venerable George, John, and Eulogios.
28. The nine martyrs of Kyzikos. Venerable Memnon the wonderworker.
29. Jason and Sosipatros the apostles. Kerkyra the martyr. John, metropolitan of Thebes. John the neomartyr.
30. Iakovos the apostle. Bishop Donates. Argyre the neomartyr.


1. Jeremiah the prophet. Venerable martyrs Euthymios, Ignatios, and Akakios the Younger. Venerable Nikephoros and Panaretos the bishops.
2. Athanasios the Great, patriarch of Alexandria. Hesperos, Zoe, Kyriakos, and Theodoulos the martyrs.
3. Timothy and Mavra the martyrs. Peter, archbishop of Argos. Bishop Oikoumenios. Venerable Luke.
4. Venerable martyr Pelagia. Venerable Hilarion. Athanasios, bishop of Corinth. Venerable Nikephoros.
5. Great martyr Irene. Venerable Euthymios, bishop of Madyta.
6. Job the prophet. Venerable Serapheim.
7. Akakios and Kodratos the martyrs.
8. Apostle and evangelist John the Theologian. Venerable Arsenios the Great.
9. Isaiah the prophet. Christopher the martyr. Venerable martyr Nicholas.
10. Apostle Simon the Zealot. Venerable Laurentios.
11. Hieromartyr Mokios. Cyril and Methodios of Thessalonike, apostles and illuminators of the Slavs. Argyros the neomartyr. Venerable martyr Olympia.
12. Germanos, patriarch of Cons/nople. Epiphanios, bishop of Cyprus. Venerable Theodore of Kythera. John the neomartyr .
13. Glykeria the martyr, Sergios the confessor. Venerable Euthymios the Younger .
14. Isidore the martyr. Hieromartyr Therapon. John and Mark the neomartyrs.
15. Achillios, bishop of Larisa. Venerable Pachomios the Great. Martyr Barbaros the myrrhbearer. Bishop Isaiah. Andrew the hermit. Titos, bishop of Crete.
16. Venerable Theodore. George archbishop of Mytiline. Nicholas the neomartyr of Metsovo.
17. Andronikos and Iounia the apostles. Athanasios, bishop of Christianoupolis. Venerable Nektarios and Theophanes.
18. Peter, Dionysios, Andrew, Paul, Christina, Heraklios, Paulinos, and Venedimos the martyrs. Stephan patriarch of Cons/nople.
19. Patrikios the hieromartyr. Menander, and Phileteros the martyrs.
20. Thallelaios, Nikostratos and Antiochos the martyrs. Venerable Niketas, John and Joseph of Chios. Lydia of Philippi .
21. Constantine and Helen, the great sovereigns and equal-to-the-apostles .
22. Basiliskos the martyr. John the emperor. Martyr Zacharias the Younger. Demetrios and Paul the neomartyrs.
23. Michael the bishop. Luke the neomartyr. Mary the myrrhbearer.
24. Venerable Symeon and Niketas. Martyr Meletios stratelates.
25. The 3rd finding of the venerable head of the Forerunner. Kelestinos the martyr. Demetrios the myrrhbearer.
26. Karpos and Alphaios the apostles. Bishop Synesios. Alexander the neomartyr.
27. Helladios and Therapon the hieromartyrs. Alypios the martyr. Confessor John the Russian.
28. Eutyches the hieromartyr. Helikonis the martyr. Venerable Andrew.
29. Olvianos the hieromartyr. Theodosia the venerable martyr. John (Nannos) and Andrew the neomartyrs.
30. Venerable Isaakios, Natalios and Barlaam. Eusebios and Christina the martyrs .
31. Hermeias and Eusebios the martyrs.


1. Justin the philosopher and martyr. Pyrros, Chariton, and Thespesios, the martyrs .
2. Nikephoros, patriarch of Cons/nople, the confessor. Demetrios, John and Constantine the neomartyrs.
3. Lucillianos and Paula the martyrs. Venerable Athanasios the wonderworker.
4. Metrophanes, patriarch of Cons/nople. Mary and Martha, sisters of the righteous Lazaros.
5. Dorotheos, bishop of Tyrou the hieromartyr. Nikandros the martyr. Mark the neomartyr.
6. Venerable Hillarion the Younger, Bessarion, and Attalos.
7. Hieromartyr Theodotos of Ankyra. Zenais the martyr. Venerable Sebastiane.
8. Nikandros and Kalliope martyrs. Theophanes the neomartyr.
9. Cyril, patriarch of Alexandria. Pelagia and the three virgin martyrs of Chios .
10. Alexander and Antonina the martyrs. Venerable Theophanes and Pansemne.
11. Bartholomew and Barnabas the apostles. Venerable Barnabas.
12. Venerable Onouphrios and Peter of Mt. Athos.
13. Akylina the martyr. Bishops Antipatros and Triphyllios.
14. Elissaios the prophet. Methodios, patriarch of Cons/nople the confessor. Venerable Niphon. Cyril, bishop of Crete.
15. Amos the prophet. Achaikos, Stephanas, and Furtunatos the apostles. Venerable Jerome, Augustine, bishop of Hippo.
16. Bishop Tychon the wonderworker.
17. Isavros, Basil, Innocent, the martyrs of Athens. Hermeios, Felix, Peregrinos, Manouel, Sabel, and Ismael the martyrs .
18. Leontios, Hypatios, and Theodoulos the martyrs. Venerable Leontios.
19. Judah (Thaddaios) the apostle. Venerable Paisios and Zenon. Zosimos the martyr.
20. Methodios, bishop of Patara.
21. Julianos the martyr. Neomartyr Niketas of Nisyros.
22. Hieromartyr Eusebios. Zenon and Zenas the martyrs.
23. Agrippina, Aristokles, Eustochios, Demetrianos, and Lolia the martyrs. Venerable Barbaros of Pentapolis.
24. The Nativity of the honorable, Forerunner John the Baptist. Panagiotes the neomartyr.
25. Venerable Febronia the martyr. Longinos the martyr. Prokopios the neomartyr. Venerable Dionysios and Methodios.
26. Venerable David of Thessalonike and Venerable John, bishop of Gothia.
27. Sampson the innkeeper. Mary and Ioanna the myrrhbearers.
28. The translation of the relics of Kyros and John the unmercenaries. Papios, Paul and Moses the martyrs. Venerable Symeon.
29. Peter and Paul the apostles.
30. The Synaxis of the holy Twelve Apostles. Michael the neomartyr.


1. Kosmas and Damianos the unmercenaries. Constantine the neomartyr.
2. Deposition of the precious robe of our most holy Lady, the Theotokos in Blachernai. Archbishop Juvenalius of Jerusalem. The neomartvrs of Samothrake.
3. Hyacinth and Theodote the martyrs. Anatolios, patriarch of Cons/nople. Venerable martyr Gerasimos the Younger. Venerable Ioakeim of Notena.
4. Andrew, bishop of Crete. Theodore, of Kyrene, Lucia the martyr.
5. Venerable Athanasios and Lampados. Venerable hieromartyr Kyprianos. The synaxis of the 23 martyrs of Lesvos.
6. Venerable Sisoes the Great. Archippos, Philemon, and Onesimos, the apostles. Lucia, Epimachos and Alexandrion the martyrs. Venerable martyr Cyril.
7. Great martyr Kyriake. Evangelos the martyr. Polykarp the neomartyr. Venerable Thomas of Malea.
8. Great martyr Prokopios. Theophanes and Anastasios the neomartyrs. Venerable Theophilos the myrrhbearer.
9. Bishops Pankratios and Methodios. Michael the neomartyr of Athens. Venerable Photios, Dionysios, and Metrophanes.
10. The 45 martyrs of Nikopolis in Armenia.
11. Great martyr Euphemia. Olga equal-to-the-apostles . Nektarios, Nikodemos, and Nicholas the neomartyrs.
12. Proklos and Hilarion the martyrs. Venerable Veronica.
13. Venerable Stephen the Sabbaite.
14. Akylas the apostle. Joseph the confessor, archbishop of Thessalonike. Peter, bishop of Crete. Venerable Onesimos and Nikodemos of Mt. Athos.
I5. Kerykos and Julietta the martyrs. Vladimir equal-to-the-apostles 16. Hieromartyr Athenogenes. The 15,000 martyrs of Pisidia.
17. Great martyr Marina.
18. Aimilianos the martyr. John, metropolitan of Chalcedon. Stephanos, patriarch of Cons/nople.
19. Venerable Makrina and Dios. Theodore, archbishop of Edessa.
20. Elias the prophet.
21. Venerable Symeon, John, and Bishop Parthenios of Arta.
22. Myrrhbearer and equal-to-theapostles Mary Magdalene. Markella the virgin martyr.
23. Hieromartyr Phokas and Apollonios. Ezekiel the prophet.
24. Great martyr Christina. Athanasios and Theophilos the neomartyrs. Athenagoras the confessor.
25. The Dormition ot Saint Anna, mother of the Theotokos. Deacon Olympias. Attalos the martyr. Venerable Eupraxia .
26. Venerable virgin-martyr Paraskeve. Hieromartyr Hermolaos.
27. Great martyr Panteleimon. Christodoulos the neomartyr.
28. Prochoros, Nikanor, Timon, and Parmenas the deacons and apostles. Venerable Paul of Xeropotamou. Venerable Irene Chrysovalantou.
29. Kallinikos and Theodote the martyrs. Theodosios the pious emperor. Constantine, patriarch of Cons/nople.
30. Apostles Silas, Silouanos, Cresces, Epainetos and Andronikos.
31. Eudokimos the righteous. Joseph of Arimathea.


1. The 7 Maccabean children. Salomone their mother and Eleazar. Venerable martyr Elesa.
2. Venerable Photeine. Neomartyr Theodore of the Dardanelles.
3. Venerable Isaakios, Dalmatos, Faustus, Theokleto, and Theodora. Myrrhbearer Salome.
4. The 7 holy children of Ephesos.
5. Eusignios the martyr. Neomartyr Abbakum of Thessalonike. Venerable Eugenios Aitolos.
6. The Tranfiguration of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ.
7. Dometios and Sozon the martyrs. Venerable Theodosios, Nikanor, and David.
8. Archbishops Aimilianos and Myron. Anastasios and Triantaphyllos the neomartyrs.
9. Apostle Matthias.
10. Archdeacon Lavrentios the martyr. Sixtus, bishop of Rome.
11. Euplus the martyr. Nephon, patriarch of Cons/nople. Spyridon the wonderworker. Anastasios and Demetrios the neomartyrs.
12. Photios and Aniketos the martyrs.
13. Maximos the confessor. Eudokia and Irene (Xene) the empresses. Venerable Dositheos.
14. Michah the prophet. Symeon the neomartyr.
I5. The Dormition of our most holy, glorious Lady, the Theotokos and ever virgin Mary.
16. The holy Mandelion. Diomedes and Alkiviades the martyrs. Venerable Gerasimos of Kephallenia. Timothy, bishop of Euripos. Nikodemos, Apostolos the Younger of Pelion, and Stamatios the neomartyrs.
17. Venerable Myron, Eutychios, Eutychianos and Kassiane. Venerable Thyrsos, Kyprianos, and Juliane the martyrs.
18. Floros and Lavros the martyrs. Venerable Sophronios, Barnabas and Christopher. Demetrios the neomartyr. Venerable Arsenios of Paros.
19. Andrew the Stratelates. Venerable Theophanes.
20. Samuel the prophet. Heliodoros and Photeine the martyrs.
21. Thaddaios the apostle. Vassa, Theognios, Agapios, and Pistos the martyrs.
22. Agathonikos the martyr and his companions.
23. Loupos the martyr. Eirenaios and Eirenaios the hieromartyrs. Venerable Nicholas and Dionysios of Olympos.
24. Eutyches the hieromartyr. Kosmas Aitolos equal-to--the--Apostles. Dionysios, bishop of Aigina the wonderworker of Zakynthos.
25. Titos, bishop of Gortyna and Bartholomew the apostles.
26. Adrianos and Natalia the martyrs. Venerable Iosaph.
27. Venerable Poimen and Hosios. Anthousa the martyr. Phanourios the "newly revealed."
28. Venerable Moses the Ethiopian. Diomedes, Damon, and Lavrentios the martyrs.
29. The beheading of the honorable, holy, glorious, prophet, and Forerunner John the Baptist. Venerable Theodora, Theopiste, and Joseph the sanctified.
30. Alexander, Paul, and John, the patriarchs of Cons/nople. Phantinos and January the martyrs.
31. The placing of the venerable belt of the most holy Theotokos.

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