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The Canons of the Ecumenical and Regional Councils (Councils, Canon Law, Rules, Encyclicals, etc.)

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a. Canon Law

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Introductory Materials

Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils of the East & West

The Holy Fathers of the Ecumenical Councils

Encyclicals / Canons / Councils (The Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece)

Orthodox Church Listing of Synods and Councils

The Canonical Tradition of the Orthodox Church by Lewis Patsavos, Ph.D.

Canons and Canonical Consciousness by Fr. Nicholas Afanasiev [mirror]

Some Comments on Officialdom, the Sacred Canons, St. Nicodemos of the Holy Mountain, and the Continuity of Byzantine Thought

Canons / Canon Law

Conciliarity (Slavonic SOBORNOST) St. Pachomius Library

New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia

  • Councils (see near the bottom of the page)
  • Canon Law (read with caution)
  • General Councils [New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia]
    (Please note that while this article applies to the Roman Church and covers all of its councils up to the Twentieth, it nevertheless provides much information that applies to the Eastern Orthodox Church as well, and so a link has been included for whatever value the reader can obtain from this source. Nonetheless, this should be read with caution, for while the two Churches hold much in common in their sacred traditions (particularly those traditions stemming from the earlier centuries), the Roman Church has continued to expand after the Schism of 1056 A.D., and has added (and at times altered) its traditions, doctrines, dogmas, philosophies and practices.)


Textual Sources

Early Church Documents: Councils of the Church

Canons of the Orthodox Church (aggreen.net)

Holy Canons

Councils of the Church St. Pachomius Library

The Seven Ecumenical Councils. The 85 Apostolical Canons.

Holy Church Canon [synaxis.org]

b. Early Church Law

( )


[ ]

Didascalia Apostolorum [introduction]
The Apostolic Constitutions [introduction] [text, another]


The Apostolic Canons (The Canons of the Holy Apostles) [introduction]


The Seven Ecumenical Councils. The 85 Apostolical Canons.

The Canons of the Apostles, Translated from Russian by Eugene Zaharov, from the Book of Canons by the Bishop Gregory Grabbe [DOC]

The 85 Canons of the Apostles (from the Rudder)
The Canons of the Holy Fathers (from the Rudder)

The Didache [introduction] [text]
The Didache (St. Pachomius Library)

Collections of Ancient Canons

c. The Ecumenical Councils

() - - [DJVU]

Pedalion (The Rudder)

Holy Church Canon The Seven Ecumenical Councils of the Undivided Church; Canons and Decrees; Canons of Local Synods with Ecumenical Acceptance [synaxis.org]

Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Series II, Vol. XIV: The Seven Ecumenical Councils [www.stmaryofegypt.org] See especially the introductory chapters. [also found in a rougher form at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library]

The Seven Ecumenical Councils (Christian Classics Ethereal Library CCEL): Information Table of Contents

Councils of the Church (St. Pachomius Library)

The Canons (digitized from the Rudder)

The Seven Ecumenical Councils. The 85 Apostolical Canons.

Canons of the Seven Ecumenical Councils (from the Rudder)

A Synopsis of the Seven Ecumenical Councils

An Overview of the Seven Ecumenical Councils

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

From Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils, ed. Norman P. Tanner (source: All Catholic Church Ecumenical Councils):

The "Eighth Ecumenical Council" [introduction]

More detail can be obtained from the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia Articles at the following addresses

d. The Local/Regional Councils
  • ( )

Canons of the Regional Synods (from the Rudder)

e. Commentators

Commentators and Interpretors of Canon Law:
including epitomes and synopses

Theodore Balsamon

Ioannos Zonaras

Alexius Aristenus

  • no information presently found

Matthew Blastares

Joannes Scholasticus, bp. of Constantinople

f. Byzantine Law (Civil and Ecclesiastical)

. [PDF]


e: [PDF] [DOC]


Syntagma Canonum, Pandects, Novels

g. Other Historical Councils

- :

.. - 1551

. XVI .

Stoglav - excerpts


The Council of Florence

The Council of Brest (and the Creation of the Unia)

The Stoglav Council (The "Hundred Chapters" Council, Moscow, 1551)

h. Miscellaneous Articles

.. . . (" ", No. 5. 2000 .)

1621 [PDF]

The Rules of the Typicon Concerning Fasting During Great Lent

Catalog of Major Heresies

Caesaropapism (Church and State)

Caesaropapism?: Theodore Balsamon on the Powers of the Patriarch of Constantinople [Medieval Source Book]

The Issues Which Divide the Eastern and Western Churches

The Canonical Status of the Patriarch of Constantinople in the Orthodox Church, by Archbishop Gregory (Afonsky) [DOC]

In Communion X. Personal, family and public morality

Holy Canons Related to Ecumenism

i. ()
i. Links (Miscellaneous)

Canons of the Orthodox Church (aggreen.net)

The St. Pachomius Library (index, includes Church Councils and literature - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Early Church Fathers Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Articles on Canon Law - in English and Greek [Myriobiblos, the e-text Library of the Chrurch of Greece]

Appended Note on the Eastern Editions of Synodical Literature

Migne's Patrologia Graeca
Patrologia Latina (not available yet)
J.-P. Migne, Patrologia Graeca volume list

Migne: Patrologia Graeca (Index - Downloads)

Patrologia Latina, Graeca & Orientalis: Patrologia Graeca: volumes at Internet Archive

Migne - Rerum Conspectus seu 'Index of available Topics'

Patrologia Latina, Graeca & Orientalis (old blog)
Patrologia (new blog)

New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia: Church Fathers [scroll down to the bottom for a wealth of information on the Church Councils, Apocrypha and Miscellaneous Literature (with more Councils)]

Index of all files in the EWTN "Patristics" Document Library (over 1,000 files!)

Early Christian Manuscripts, Patristic Literature


Published Sources:

  • PATROLOGY, Altaner, Berthold; translated by Hilda C. Graef. New York: Herder and Herder, 1960.
  • PATROLOGY (4 Volumes) by Johannes Quasten and Angelo Di Berardino
  • [.doc]