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SYNAXIS.INFO is dedicated to providing resources for those who are liturgists (clergy, choir directors, ecclesiarchs/ustavshchiki, scholars, etc.) and all who are interested in Eastern Orthodox Christian liturgics.

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Please note: Materials presented at the "Synaxis" section of synaxis.info are primarily dealing with the contemporary Greek and Russian New Rites. All materials pertaining to the Russian Old Rite may be found HERE.



26 June 2009: A "cosmetic upgrade", to improve the appearance and the ease of navigation between sections of this site. Also, more content was added to the Scriptures page. (See: Божественные писания – The Divine Scriptures)

21 June 2009: Today I uploaded a draft version of the Psalter in Finnish, containing the text of the 1992 translation, which was approved for use by the Finnish Orthodox Church. I have adapted the published text for liturgical use, with the arrangement of the Psalms matching the Septuagint numbering and divisions. Since this is a DRAFT version, I would be welcome to receive any corrections or emendations (especially for the grammar, as Finnish is a language I am not well acquainted with), as well as suggestions for improvement. I am hoping to include the Biblical Odes in the future. (See: Божественные писания – The Divine Scriptures)

12 June 2009: Today I uploaded materials for four sections: Orthodox Worship, Synaxarion, Typikon (Slavonic and English) and Law. I also uploaded the introduction to the section on Service Books.

15 February 2009: Despite my best intentions, very few of the previous developments were actually implemented. But this is just as well, as I have completely reorganized the majority of materials I had planned to eventually upload, and I have shifted my focus to a more manageable site structure. Almost all materials materials pertaining to the Russian Rite have now been transfered to the OLD-RITE portion of SYNAXIS.INFO (which is also under reorganization). Today I have uploaded a new front page and materias for the first section: Православное Богослужение – Orthodox Worship [Basic Instructional Materials]. More sections will be added over the next few weeks (God willing).

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