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THE ANALOGION – The Reader’s Stand
Guidance for Orthodox Church Readers

THE KLIROS – The Chanter’s Stand
Guidance for Orthodox Church Singers

THE GERONTAS – The Spiritual Father (or Elder)
Guidance for the Orthodox Spiritual Life

We who are called to the Kliros – the chant stand – should bring three things with us:

1) Humility, 2) love for the Faith and for our clergy and local congregation, and 3) dedication to faithfully and with pure heart attend to the sacred role of ministry of worship in which we have been privileged to participate as leaders.

Serving at the Kliros has two vital components:

1) It is a ministry, both in terms of the “written word” – the appointed readings, sacred hymnody and teachings of the Faith, and in terms of our being examples of Christian living – through our diligent attendance at the divine services and how we conduct ourselves with humility, love and dedication.

2) It is also an ascetical labor, in which we strive to humble ourselves through the long services, and lead the often challenging task of singing the hymns and performing the readings, keeping vigil for feasts and encouraging others to struggle likewise. “A sacrifice unto God is a broken spirit; a heart that is broken and humbled God will not despise.” (from Psalm 50)

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