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THE ANALOGION – The Reader’s Stand
Guidance for Orthodox Church Readers

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The Typicon(s)

The Book of the Typikon (of the Great Church), Containing all the Rubrics and Ordinances of the various Divine Services of the Holy Orthodox Church. Translated from the Arabic by Bishop Demetri M. Khoury. Edited by Archpriest John W. Morris. Miami, October, 2011 [PDF]

The Cycle of Services and the Church Calendar
(include discussion of aggregates)

The Divine Services and Their Structure

The Divine Services are generally divided into three groupings or "aggregates", according to the example set forth in the Psalter (Ps. 54, Septuagint): "Evening, morning, and noonday will I tell of it and will declare it, and He will hear my voice."

Evening Prayer

The Ninth Hour
Great Vespers - Daily Vespers - Lenten VespersNotes for Serving Vespers

Small Compline
Great Compline

The Midnight Office for Weekdays
The Midnight Office for Saturdays
The Midnight Office for Sundays

Morning Prayer

Orthos (Matins) for Sundays
Orthros for Weekdays
Orthros for Feasts
The First Hour

Noonday Prayer

The Thrird Hour
The Sixth Hour
The Typica

The Divine Liturgy is separate from this cycle. The holy fathers have determined that on most days it is to be served in the mid- to late morning, but in some cases it should be served in the evening following Vespers.

On Serving in the Church

A Practical Guide to the Worship of the Orthodox Church [PDF]

Notes for the Choir and Director

Orthodox Worship Preparation, Participation, and "Etiquette" [PDF]

Basic Rules for Acolytes

Guidelines for Altar Servers

Helping Your Sons Serve in the Altar

The Service Books traditionally used to perform the Divine Services

The Psalter in the Cycle of Services - readings and hymns

Domestic Prayer versus Communal (Corporate) Worship

The Structure of Great Vespers, Daily Vespers and Lenten Vespers
(this may be broken down into separate sections)

The Structure of Sunday Orthros and Festal Orthros

The Structure of the Divine Liturgy
(include the changeable parts)

Occasional Services (for Needs): The Paraclesis, Akathist, Parastasis, Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, etc.

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